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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is a development impact assessment required?

If a proposed new development is likely to have significant effects – whether beneficial or adverse – on the surrounding environment (socio-economically, culturally, or in relation to human health), a development impact assessment can help to coherently summarise research findings for further analysis.

What is the development impact assessment process?

After our initial screening process to identify the magnitude of the project at hand, we thoroughly assess and evaluate the potential impacts of the proposed development. In cases of adverse impacts, we will also propose alternative solutions where possible in order to avoid or mitigate these effects. Finally, we compile a thorough report detailing our findings – including all relevant data and statistics – in one user-friendly document.

What is a S106 agreement?

A Section 106 (or Section 75 in Scotland) is a legal agreement between a local planning authority and an applicant seeking planning permission. S106 agreements focus on mitigating the impacts a development might have on local infrastructure and services.

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